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JSON in JavaScript Douglas Crockford [email protected] JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. Douglas Crockford is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who is best known for his ongoing involvement in the development of the JavaScript language, for having popularized the data format JSON (JavaScript Object Notation),  Career - "Good, not Evil". JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

14 Nov - 26 sec - Uploaded by Easy Learn Tutorial Douglas Crockford, the creator of what is now one of the most widely used data interchange. 6 Jul Your variant would have to create word, white functions each time one invokes json_parse. His way lets him create them once and capture them in a closure. 3 Mar What lies ahead for programmers in a theoretical post-JavaScript world? Developer Douglas Crockford, best known for his work on JSON.

JSON is a language-independent data interchange format based on a loose subset of the JavaScript grammar. Originally popularized by Douglas Crockford, the. JavaScript: The Wrrrld's Most Misunderstood Programming Language (Chinese What Web Developers Need To Know · JSON and JavaScript from TXJS. 30 Apr In practice parsers will just override values, as JS does, but I think it would And as Crockford said, if you want comments in your JSON, knock. Initially, Crockford wanted JSON to have the name JavaScript Markup Language, but the acronym JSML was already taken by the JSpeech Markup Language. 26 Oct - 7 min Interview: Douglas Crockford - Discovering JSON. To view this video please enable.